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Introducing the adorable little cutie who is now up for grabs! This precious pup boasts a nice small toy size, perfect for those who enjoy having a little extra to cuddle. Carter is 4.4 lbs on Feb 3, 202. With his growth plates now closing he wont grow much more than a half a pound or so. With his endearing gentle and follower personality, this pup will make a wonderful addition to any family.


The proud parents, Marshmallow, weighing 7 pounds, and Calvin 3 poundsd, they have passed down their striking features to their offspring. Remarkably, this little furball bears a strong resemblance to his father, which adds an extra layer of charm to this already delightful bundle of joy.


Though a bit shy at the moment, this pup is sure to blossom into a dream companion with some one-on-one attention. Exhibiting calmness and confidence, he possesses the potential to become the perfect furry friend you've always longed for. To make this adorable pup a part of your family, feel free to call or text the number 8186534815.


Not only does this little cutie boast good looks, but his coat is also worth mentioning. It is thick, silk-like, and comes in a beautiful black and tan color combination. When you run your fingers through his luscious fur, you'll understand why everyone falls head over heels for him.


If you're worried about transportation, worry no more! We have an in-cabin Nanny available who can deliver the pup to you. Of course, delivery costs will be at your expense, but the convenience and peace of mind it offers are priceless. Now, let's talk about the price. This adorable pup is priced at $2,000 as a pet, without AKC registration. If you're interested in having full rights and AKC registration, the price is $4,500. Please note that California residents are required to pay additional sales tax.Mark your calendars because this pup was born on July 8, 2023. He is at the perfect age to join his forever home and bring happiness and joy to his new family. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to welcome a loving and affectionate companion into your life.


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