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Past Yorkie Puppies

At My Itty Bitty Yorkies, our delight knows no bounds when we see our cherished Yorkies flourishing in the warmth of their new homes. These captivating images of joyous Yorkies speak volumes about the happiness they bring to their families. We invite you to join our community of proud Yorkie parents, where the bond between these lovable companions and their families is celebrated every day. Explore the heartwarming journey of our Yorkies through shared pictures and experience the love that these endearing pups bring to every home they enter. Discover the magic of Yorkies with us!

Discover our Yorkie Puppies, each offered with "None or Limited Registration" and a spay/neuter contract for responsible ownership. If you desire "Full Registration" for any Yorkie puppy in our sale selection, please make arrangements with us before making your purchase. Note that breeding rights for females are not available due to the petite size of our dogs. Explore your options with us and bring home the perfect companion with confidence!

We Ship to all US states!

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