My itty bitty yorkies or Rose Hanson hereinafter referred to as (“Seller”), has agreed to sell a puppy(s) to the original Purchaser (You) indicated in this Agreement. Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Yorkie! These puppies are a Toy breed and therefore the Purchaser understands that extra attention and care will be required in order for them to thrive and avoid conditions such as hypoglycemia or dehydration.

  • 1) Seller has made every effort to deliver the puppy to Purchaser in a normal and healthy condition. Prior to being shipped or delivered the puppy will have a health examination by a VET.
  • 2) Purchaser will have this puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian (“Vet”) within 48 business hrs of receipt of puppy. Seller warrants the puppy for a congenital life-threatening, non-treatable condition only, for one year from date of purchase. If purchasers Vet finds any serious health concerns then a letter or fax must come from the examining Vet stating his/her findings and diagnosis. The Seller may, at Seller’s option, have the dog checked by a Vet of their choosing. If puppy should die, and autopsy must be done by purchasers VET and results must be faxed or emailed to the seller, If findngs show puppy died from a congenital defect, Seller will replace puppy and cover your Autopsy fee. (max 250.00) No other medical costs will be covered by Seller. Seller is not responsible for any puppy’s death due to hypoglycemia or neglect and has provided Purchaser with appropriate information on hypoglycemia and how to recognize and treat it. If the puppy should exhibit signs of low blood sugar, Purchaser should immediately administer a small (finger nail sized) amount of Nutri-cal, honey or Karo Syrup into the puppies’ mouth, contact their Vet and follow all instructions provided. Purchaser acknowledges that they have received, and understand the detailed instructions from Seller on how to recognize and treat hypoglycemia as described on the Seller’s website.
  • 3) Under no circumstances will there be a cash refund. If exchange is necessary due to the circumstances outlined in Paragraph No. 2 above, Seller will select a replacement puppy of either sex, from the same litter if available or from another litter. If living, the original puppy must be returned to Seller at Purchaser’s expense. Purchaser is also responsible for any shipping fees for the replacement puppy. Original puppy will be returned prior to a replacement puppy being delivered.
  • 4) Under no circumstances will Seller be held responsible for any Veterinary expenses for any reason whatsoever after purchase of puppy. All Puppies should follow up vaccines and care with purchasers Vet.
  • 5) Depending on the age of the puppy, at least one shot has been given. A health record will accompany the puppy stating all shots given and a recommendation for a continued vaccination schedule. Keep your puppy inside as no puppy is safe until it is at least sixteen (16) weeks old and all shots are given “in our opinion”. Please consult your Vet to obtain his/her recommended vaccination schedule.
  • 6) The puppy has been wormed prior to sale. With a change in environment and due to the nature of parasites/bacteria, Seller cannot guarantee that the puppy will be parasite/bacteria free. Seller recommends that Purchaser present a fecal specimen to your Vet to determine the need for any treatment and continuing deworming schedule.
  • 7) When puppy leaves the care of Seller, it becomes the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. No other warranties are expressed or implied. Purchaser may buy medical or mortality insurance from any carrier of their choosing.We strongly recommend medical insurance. Give your puppy fresh water and food daily. Offer soft canned food at least two times per day. Check to make sure your puppy is eating and drinking! If your puppy is not eating or drinking call Seller immediately and or take it to a Vet.
  • 8) All deposits are non-refundable. All sales are final. No cash refunds for a returned puppy. Payment options are available through Square credit card, Bank Wire, Bank Check, Postal Money order, Cash or Personal Check. Full payment must be received before puppy is transferred to Purchaser. If payment is by personal check, puppy will be held until the check clears the bank.
  • 9) Seller does not make any warranty in respect to color, size, coat quality, length of hair, temperament, look of dog, ability to win a show, housebreak or reproduce, trachea problems, Luxating Patellas, descending testicles, inguinal hernias or Open Fontanels as these are not serious health issues and can be found in the Yorkshire Terrier breed.
  • 10) If purchaser can no longer care for puppy, Purchaser agrees to not place puppy in a pound, Humane Society or any facility of that kind. Puppy is always welcome back here with seller, but no cash returns. No exchanges on puppies.
  • 11) Upon payment in full of purchase price, tax and all shipping fees by Purchaser, Seller agrees to release puppy to Purchaser.
  • 12) All sales are to be considered initiated and finalized in LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. If Buyer should ever try to take Seller to court, Buyer is responsible for all costs incurred including Seller’s Attorney and the suit can only be filed in LA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA.

All Adult dogs are sold as is, as They are Adult dogs and are healthy dogs before sale, seller will have all Adult dogs checked by a licensed Veterinarian before sale. No other warranties are implied for adult Dogs.All puppies are sold as pets with limited or no registration, akc or other papers may be held back until purchaser provides seller Rose Hanson proof of spay or neuter certificate from the Vet. Spay and Neuter contract may be attached and is required on all puppies sold.

This represents the entire agreement between the Seller and Purchaser

**The Breeder neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees express or implied, other than those written in the Agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Breeder and Buyer with respect to this sale. The Buyer’s signature below indicated that he/she has read, agrees and does understand all the conditions of the sales of the Agreement of the contract of sale. This contract will be come Null and Void if Seller’s copy is not signed and returned to Seller within ten (10) days as specified below by Seller’s signature and date). If contract is not returned within ten (10) days, the purchased puppy is considered sold as is with no contract or warranty.

Puppy Information
Breed: YorkShire Terrier
Puppy #: ______________      Microchip:
Sire: ______________________
Sire #: ______________
Dam: _____________________
Dam #: ______________

Puppy Color: ____________
Puppy Gender: _________
Price:_______________________ paid with:__________________________
New Owner Name: __________________________ driver lic#____________________________
Address: _______________________
City: _________________
State: ______________
Zip: _________
Phone: __________________Email:____________________________

Sign & Date
Purchaser: _________________________________

Seller: ______________________________________







Yorkies for sale

Hypoglycemia in Toy Breeds

What is Hypoglycemia? If you have purchased a Tiny pup from us – please read! One of the most serious side effects of too much insulin is hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose [low bloodsugar]. Hypoglycemia can be – but need not be – a life-threatening, even fatal condition and often happens in the smaller toy breeds.

Remember your health guarantee does not cover hypoglycemia So please read this!

How does Hypoglycemia happen? Hypoglycemia is usually stress related.
Puppy Stress: Moving to a new home, being alone for long periods of time [vs. with litter mates], rough play with children and older pets; excessive exercise; food changes or not enough food to eat; etc. Hypoglycemia need not be life threatening, however when your pup does not receive enough TLC and monitoring from you, it well can!

Signs of Hypoglycemia: The occurrence of signs depends on how far the blood sugar level drops and how far into the episode the puppy has progressed. lethargy (lack of energy) ~~~~~~ weakness ~~~~~ head tilting ~~~~~ unbalanced wobbling when walking ~~~~~ excessive hunger or refusal to eat ~~~~~ restlessness, whimpering and high pitched whining or moaning ~~~~~ shivering and uncontrollable trembling ~~~~~ disorientation ~~~~~ stupor ~~~~~ convulsions or seizures ~~~~~ coma ~~~~~ death

What can I do during an episode? Time is of the essence! During a hypoglycemic attack, your goal is to stay calm, and bring the blood glucose back to a safe level, continue to observe your pet, and contact the vet.
If your pet is acting strangely, displaying one or several of the above symptoms, you should assume it is due to hypoglycemia and treat it accordingly. This is a situation where it is better to be safe than sorry. If your
pet is not hypoglycemic, your treatment may have raised the blood glucose for a few hours. If your pet was hypoglycemic, you may have just saved its life. THE AFTER CARE with a hypoglycemic incident: Keeping your puppy warm and making sure you feed it 3-4 times x day or even more if its only eating little bits at a time. If puppy is not hungry you may need to hand feed. Some puppies take a good week to get back to normal and some  bounce back right away. Just keep a good eye on it and monitor meals vs activity.

DURING THE HYPOGLYCEMIA SHOCK– If the puppy is to weak to swallow and take the honey or nutra drops on its own , it may be necessary to pry its mouth open and rub it on gums or roof of mouth (slowly) it may be necessary to give several doses. The Nutra-drops allows nutrition to by pass digestion and goes right in to blood stream so its my favorite if they are very weak and its very handy if puppy is unresponsive. After a few doses of this your puppy should show some sort of improvement within 10 minutes. After your puppy feels better please give it a good doggy food, canned food or meat baby food to level out its blood sugar.  ***important*** if puppy does not respond or is still comatose please take to Vet immediately as puppy may need IV (dextrose) be sure to tell vet that you suspect hypoglycemic shock and ask for a shot of dextrose before the Vet does anything else.

If you own a Toy pup, always have Nutri-cal paste or honey available. honey or “Nutra drops” are my favorite as they seem to be absorbed very quickly but any pancake syrup, karo or table sugar dissolved in some water will also work. Wherever your pet is, there should be an emergency supply of sugar. Pet stores all sell nutrical paste. Most toy breed breeders recommend HONEY or nutri-cal, a nutritional supplement as a daily treat until the pup is 12 weeks old, and then as needed during major changes or stressful situations [moving, vet visits, grooming, playing with the grand children…]. 1/4 a teaspoon of honey, once or twice a day, will go a long
way in prevention!